Tuesday, March 25, 2014

The Photo Essay

My audience includes everyone in this class and the teacher.   I believe this is a perfect audience because it reaches men, women, and two generations.  The context of my presentation in class will be my photo essay on my computer, where everyone in the class will walk by and study my work.  I think that my essay will be well evaluated, I think my topic is relatable and interesting and I think that I will present it in a way that is both inviting and educational.  The argument in my essay that is developed is that gender roles shouldn’t define us and that we can break the ones that are present in our lives. I want my audience to think about the gender roles that they feel they have to follow, and also the gender roles that they expect others to follow. I want the audience to feel like I’m not trying to drastically change their ways, but make them really think about how they live their lives.  I need to gather more pictures with more variety. I have an idea of what I want to do with them but am not completely sure. I need to make sure I present them in a way that is inviting and not too convincing, just enough to make the reader take time to think about what the pictures are trying to say.  In the end, I want to show the reader that anyone can do anything regardless of gender stereotypes. People shouldn’t be limited to what they do just because of the anatomy of their body.

In my original design plan, I was determined to present an argument to the reader that was both inviting and educational. I believe I did that because not only did I present my argument in a way that invites the reader to not only read it but get involved in it, I also informed them as to what the issue was. I think my pictures did a good job of putting the image of gender role reversal in their heads. Also, I believe that I kept my presentation was laid back enough where it wasn’t too convincing or bias, I kept an open mind, which is what I wanted to do.  I think that this essay will make the reader think about gender roles in general but also the gender roles that they see every day and that they feel they have to follow.  I think the reader will feel that they can do anything they want to do, regardless of what sex they are. I also think that my presentation will perhaps convince the reader to break the gender roles present in their lives.

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  1. This is my photo essay for my College Writing class.